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Artificial Grass Ideas to Save Money and Time

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: May 11, 2023
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Having a lawn that’s less hassle than a real one is just one way of saving money. Without the expensive lawn treatments and power tools, artificial grass can provide instant savings that last throughout its lifetime. But how can you lay fake grass in your garden to maximise your savings and cut down on maintenance time?

This article will provide you with ideas to modernise your garden or outdoor areas, no matter how much room you have. Sometimes it can be worth your while transforming a smaller outdoor space with artificial grass, and doing so can cut down on how long it can take to look after it. Whether you know how to lay artificial grass or you’re looking to have it professionally fitted, you can take inspiration here.

Mini golf course on a artificial grass on a balcony

A Modern Feel

If you’re a fan of the sleek, contemporary look, you can make use of modern outdoor furniture to accompany the untarnished feel artificial grass provides. Greys and unfinished wood work well together, especially as a pergoda. If you already have an existing structure, complete with decking or paving slabs, you can fully modernise your garden to suit any budget.

Pergoda Vector

Dark and lighter shades of grey are available in both paint and outdoor furniture, and the modern look would be complete with an uncluttered area. Many outdoor shops sell exterior furniture at affordable prices, and decking painted in an off-white or light grey can completely offset the green of the artificial grass. As a cheaper alternative, try adding decorative stones to your flower beds and garden edges. White stones can bring more light to the area.

Alternatively, a modern twist can be to fit artificial grass to walls, either as a full feature or only partially. You can change how you view your home from the outside with a wave of green that never changes. Cheaper than a living wall and much more practical than trying to get grass to grow on the side of your home, you can add a contemporary flourish to the outside this way.

Artificial Grass to Complement Hardscaping

A garden that is mostly – or entirely – made out of hardscaping can look a bit harsh on the eye. Lots of paving slabs, gravel or concrete can make your outdoor space look incredibly urban. The colour scheme is usually devoid of colour as well, so you can always dedicate a small patch to artificial grass instead. By contrasting the hardscaping with the green of an area of fake grass, you can completely change the look and feel of your garden.

One of the most useful benefits of making use of a small area for this purpose is that you won’t have to use a lawnmower to keep it in check. No areas will overgrow and spill over into the hard landscaping, which would require fiddly edging tools or strimmers to make right. You can keep the lack of maintenance associated with hardscaping by incorporating this small change.

Good for a Raised Lawn

Artificial grass needs to be laid flat on a level surface. It can be ideal if you have a back garden that’s raised or at two separate heights. Some people use this to separate paving slabs or decking and the grass, having wooden boards keeping the two areas distinct. This is an ideal area to install artificial grass as it’s perfectly primed already. Completely separate from the hardscaping on the lower level, you can still enjoy the look of your garden but with a more uniform feel.

An Artificial Grass Garden for Your Balcony

For those without gardens but lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace, why not liven it up with some artificial grass? An outdoor area looks even more inviting with a touch of green and compact external furniture. You can always experiment with different colours to see how you can freshen the look throughout the spring and summer. Bright cushions, flower pots or paint might be all that’s needed to provide a constant distraction to the outside world.

Grass Balcony Vector

Without any of the usual labour associated with grass, you won’t have to worry about the storage of any bulky tools to keep it in good nick either. Even the tiniest of flats or townhouses can benefit from their own customisable outdoor area. All you have to do is run the vacuum over it a few times a year to clear any debris that might have accumulated, which is much easier than an ear-deafening leaf blower.

Water Features

House With Pond Isometric

Fountains, pools or ponds can be a cause for concern when you have regular grass surrounding them. The constant presence of water can cause mud and boggy conditions to develop. If you don’t fancy surrounding these areas with paving slabs or other kinds of hardscaping, artificial grass is ideal.

Proper drainage is needed to install fake grass, which can prevent large patches of water becoming an issue. The unspoilt, tidy layout doesn’t detract the eye like hardscaping can. You can still ensure your garden looks impressive with its water feature without having to compromise or increase the amount of maintenance needed.

Artificial Grass for Back Garden Golf

It’s not exactly going to help you pelt a golf ball as far as you can, but even a small golfing hole can be fitted to your back garden with artificial grass. Either as a training course for children or to help practise putting skills, a professional looking green can be fitted with relative ease and it will keep its pristine look year-round. Fitting your own mini golf course means you don’t have to worry about mowing or watering it either.

Of course, you can dedicate part of your garden to golf or go all out for a mini golf course. Plants can add colour and dedicated seating areas can enhance your garden just as much as a small golfing challenge, but it depends on how much room you have. Larger areas will cost more to completely lay with artificial grass, which is why it can be cheaper and more effective to simply install a small golfing hole. You can make it look semi-professional too and become the envy of your neighbours.

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