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Ideas for Artificial Grass in UK Gardens

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Apr 24, 2024
7 minutes read
  • Inspiration to help decide what to do with your outdoor space
  • Artificial grass garden ideas in the UK climate
  • Modern suggestions for a contemporary feel

When it comes to being outside in your own back garden, it’s ideal to have somewhere you can go in all weathers. Fortunately, there are many ways you can implement artificial grass and garden ideas in the UK. For the pessimistic, this will be ideal for soaking away all the rain.

This article will provide UK garden ideas for artificial grass. It doesn’t matter how much room you might have. There are many ways you can benefit from the advantages of a synthetic lawn, no matter the budget. Even a small area, such as a balcony, can be transformed.

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Artificial grass installed on a balcony with dark fencing, deck chairs and a goal

Artificial Grass and Garden Ideas for the UK

The UK climate constantly changes, but even the best artificial grass is capable of keeping up with it. Thanks to the hardwearing nature of the material, you can expect it to last for decades to come. When installed properly, you can also expect to have suitable drainage, which avoids mud and keeps it usable all year long.

Here are just some UK garden ideas for artificial grass you can make use of in your outdoor space:

  • Children’s play area

  • Balcony garden

  • Miniature golf course

  • Straight lines for paths

  • Pond edging

  • Step integration

The point is, the possibilities are endless. In the UK, ideas for artificial grass in your garden mainly depend on what outdoor space you have.

Children’s Play Area

Our first inspiration is to simply use synthetic turf as a base for a children’s play area. Whether this is to cushion falls around playing apparatus or to save on having to deal with mud after rainfall, artificial lawns are more than just something to look at.

UK garden ideas for artificial grass can be practical as well as stylish. This means your lawn will be resistant to falling down from different weights and still feel soft to the touch.

Balcony Garden

Grass Balcony Isometric

Flat owners might be fortunate enough to have a balcony or a terrace. This gives you the flexibility to personalise your outdoor space with a little synthetic magic. Experiment with different colours and furniture to see what works. Cushion covers and potted plants could be all that’s needed to make it more inviting.

For balcony owners in the UK, garden ideas for artificial grass don’t have to be limited, even with a smaller space. Despite the floor size you might have, you can still freshen up any outdoor area with a roll of artificial turf.

Miniature Golf Course

Either as a training course for children or to help practise putting skills, a professional looking green can be fitted with relative ease and it will keep its pristine look year-round. Fitting your own mini golf course means you don’t have to worry about mowing or watering it either.

When it comes to advanced ideas for artificial grass in UK gardens, you can go all out for a mini golf course if room allows. Dedicated seating areas around the course can enhance your garden space just as much as a small golfing challenge.

Mini Golf Vector

Straight Lines for Paths

Why do most people choose a synthetic lawn? Because it’s much easier to look after. When it comes to UK garden ideas for artificial grass, this one is all about keeping straight edges indefinitely.

Real grass can encroach on paths and paving slabs year on year and require cutting back on a constant basis. If you’d like your paths to stay and blend seamlessly into your fake lawn, they can be cut around to suit any shape.

Pond Edging

Pond Vector

Anyone with natural grass around a garden pond can vouch for how difficult it can be to cut it back. These areas are usually sloped, wet and contain obstacles. However, by using artificial turf, you can remove this headache entirely.

One of the best ideas for artificial grass in UK gardens is to edge your pond with it. It’s incredibly porous, so allows for water to drain, and will never require cutting back at awkward angles. It can also keep frogs and other wildlife safe from strimmers.

Step Integration

Some back gardens may be on two different elevations. With steps involved and multiple flowerbeds, you can make them seamlessly join together by using synthetic turf. This can also add grip and make them safer and easier to use.

In a way, artificial grass and garden ideas in the UK don’t have to be everyday or ordinary. Finding creative ways to influence your outside space can help you appreciate what you’ve got.

Modern Ideas for Synthetic Grass

If you like pushing the boundaries, there are plenty of modern artificial grass and garden ideas for the UK you can make use of.

Pergoda Isometric

Furniture and Constructions

Modern garden furniture can come in sleek, contemporary designs. Greys and unfinished wood work well together, especially when used as a pergoda. An existing structure, with decking or paving slabs, can be complemented with the green of artificial grass.

Contrasting Colours

Contemporary ideas for artificial grass in UK gardens are as much to do with the surroundings as the actual lawn itself. Consider painting walls with dark or light shades of grey to offset the green grass. Alternatively, you can achieve the same thing with dark outdoor furniture.

Bordering flower beds can be decorated with stones, whether white or otherwise, to help make the lawn appear brighter. Artificial grass garden ideas in the UK can simply be all about playing with tones to see what works best.

Feature Wall

Artificial Grass Wall

An incredibly modern twist on outside space is to fit artificial grass to walls. It’s entirely up to you whether to go for a full feature wall or only cover it partially. Art is subjective, so you could play around with colours and shapes or simply make it standard and uniform.

As far as ideas for artificial grass in UK gardens go, having a fake living wall wouldn’t be the strangest. The more you make it your own, the more you could grow to love it.

Ideas to Complement Hardscaping

Gardens mostly made up of hardscaping can be too harsh on the eye. Without needing much upkeep, they can be ideal, but you can soften the aesthetic by introducing a small patch of artificial turf. Fortunately, a fake lawn only has minimal maintenance involved as well.

The ideas for artificial grass in UK gardens that are mostly made up of hardscaping are mainly to do with introducing a small area with green. This adds a bit of colour, doesn’t detract from the existing setup and won’t require fiddly edging tools or strimmers to keep in check.

Softscaping Garden Ideas for Artificial Grass in the UK

You might already have a garden lined with various plants and shrubs. One of the benefits of transitioning to synthetic grass is that you can still have nature alongside it. Just because your grass is fake, doesn’t mean you have to give up your real plants too.

Edging can keep intact and provide sweeping, curved lines to your flower beds, along with texture and colour. UK garden ideas for artificial grass alongside softscaping are mostly about providing a neat border around plant life. You can complement and combine both the natural and artificial.

Good for a Raised Lawn

Generally, a synthetic lawn needs to be laid on a flat, level surface. If you have a garden that’s raised or at two separate heights, you can mix and match with faux grass and decking or paving. Wooden boards sometimes keep these areas distinct.

Ideas for artificial grass in UK gardens on two separate levels are normally quite minimal. This is because the top level is perfectly primed for the installation of synthetic grass already. Hardscaping is left for the bottom, with the raised platform for everything else.

Water Features

House With Pond Isometric

UK garden ideas for artificial grass cover all bases, including any water features. Fountains, pools or ponds can be a cause for concern when you have regular grass surrounding them. The constant presence of water can cause mud and boggy conditions to develop. If you don’t fancy surrounding these areas with paving slabs or other kinds of hardscaping, artificial grass is ideal.

Proper drainage is needed to install fake grass, which can prevent large patches of water becoming an issue. The unspoilt, tidy layout doesn’t detract the eye like hardscaping can. You can still ensure your garden looks impressive with its water feature without having to compromise or increase the amount of maintenance needed.

Get Started With Synthetic Turf

Whether you’ve got a small garden or a bigger outdoor space, there are many UK garden ideas for artificial grass that you can make use of. Hopefully, we’ve piqued your interest.

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