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The Complete Guide to Artificial Grass

What Is the Best Artificial Grass for You?

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 27, 2023
9 minutes read
  • How to find the best artificial grass
  • What to look out for
  • Poolside, garden and out of place options

If you’re on the lookout for artificial grass, you may not realise how many options there are. It’s come a long way since the early days and a lot of them are realistic. In order to find the best artificial grass for your needs, you’ll need to look at what different types of artificial grass there are and assess how they will fit your needs. You may not have to go all out if you won’t be using your garden much, but many choices are available.

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How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for You

All artificial grass is different and you can get various types depending on what it will be needed for. The first question to ask is what is your grass for? The obvious answer is for the garden, but what sort of use do you want to get out of it? The best artificial grass for one person won’t be the same for another. Where sports pitches will need something very hard wearing, you might not ever use your lawn so won’t require the same level of durability. Not only this, but you’ll have to think about specific colours, shapes, thicknesses and pile heights. These can be the difference between an authentic looking lawn and one that isn’t as impressive.

Types of Artificial Grass

To find out which artificial grass is best, it’s important to understand which shape will suit you best. The best artificial grass for your needs will depend on whether you need it to be softer, more durable or firmer.


This type of artificial grass is designed to not absorb as much heat as other kinds, by as much as 15 degrees. It also diffuses sunlight, which prevents shadowing and an uneven look.


This shape is incredibly soft and tends to retain its shape under heavy footfall. It can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and wear and is typically the most popular.


Another type of artificial grass that’s soft and durable, C-shaped grass prevents the tangling of the piles. The drawback is the sheen that it gives off, not making it the best artificial grass for your front garden.


One of the more realistic looking types, S-shaped grass can withstand foot traffic and has a thick design. It’s the best artificial grass for realism because it reflects light in such a way as to look brighter.

Diamond Shaped

Some consider the diamond shape to be the best artificial grass you can get because it ticks all the boxes. It looks realistic, feels soft, retains its shape and is durable under harsh conditions. It isn’t, however, as durable under heavy footfall and has more of a focus on aesthetics.

Omega Shaped

This shape is usually the best artificial grass for pets as it’s shorter but incredibly durable. It still manages to feel soft, so you won’t have to worry about hurting your pet’s paws.

Three Kinds of Artificial Grass

The Best Artificial Grass Characteristics

Foot Traffic

A good artificial grass can withstand the impact of heavy footfall. If your garden is going to host pets and children, and quite frequently, the best artificial grass for your needs will need to be able to withstand the impact of this.

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A lush looking lawn is on the minds of many when thinking about artificial grass. If you want yours to appear like the real thing, you will have to look at pile height, thatch, infill and density. A realistic height with added thatch can give you the best artificial grass that looks real.

The most authentic looking artificial grass will have a thick fibre. This is usually measured in microns. While the higher the number has a better thickness, it’s important to make sure its construction is solid enough to be durable. If you can shine light through a strand, it’s not that thick.


Usually, the more you spend on artificial grass, the longer it will last. It will be permanently in the elements, subjected to temperature changes, UV radiation and inclement weather. It is designed to last, but the best artificial grass will be much more durable than any of the budget ones.

Nylon fibres are the strongest, followed by polypropylene and then polyethylene. Nylon isn’t as soft, so it does make it more abrasive than the other two options, but it is more expensive.


It’s all very well picking the cheapest grass, but it will lay flat when any weight has been added to it. This includes footprints, ornaments or items of furniture. Having some sponginess will ensure even the best artificial grass maintains its shape. An infill will also keep the fibres erect.


Adequate drainage is a must-have as it prevents water pooling on your lawn. Even if you don’t use your lawn much, the best artificial grass will consist of a perforated or permeable backing that will allow for the water to run through. This is also the same for allowing drainage of pet wee.

Which Artificial Grass is Best?

Best Artificial Grass for Gardens

Artificial Grass Backing

If your back garden will see a lot of traffic, consider an artificial grass that is more durable. For pets and children, the cooler W-shaped grass will be ideal, but you can always use an infill that will cool the grass down as well. Good drainage is always ideal, not only for rainfall but to prevent smells from pet waste.

Best Artificial Grass for Swimming Pool Areas

If you’re looking to install artificial grass around a back garden pool or pond, it’s ideal to choose one that has the best drainage. These areas are also likely to have more foot traffic so will need to be durable and shorter.

Best Artificial Grass for Out of Sight Areas

A longer pile can be used because it doesn’t matter as much about durability. Nylon fibres are effective both long and short, but polypropylene and polyethylene are less hard wearing and are cheaper. The pile density also won’t matter because it doesn’t need to look full and like a natural lawn as much.

Now you know what to look out for, find out how much artificial grass costs.

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