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Why You Should Consider Fake Grass for Dogs

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: May 01, 2024
8 minutes read
  • Pet-friendly and pet-safe products
  • Why fake grass for dogs is a good option
  • The best artificial grass for dogs

For dogs, fake grass can be a viable alternative for any outside space. This is because it’s durable, drains easily and can be cleaned without issue. Thanks to advances in design and technology, you can purchase synthetic turf that feels soft underfoot and stays intact under animal feet.

This article will explain why getting fake grass for dogs is a good idea, and why you might consider it. It will then give examples of the best artificial grass for dogs that’s currently on the market, to give you an idea on what to expect.

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An Akita Inu with two puppies either side of it lying down on short artificial grass with out of focus houses in the background

Top Benefits of Synthetic Turf With Pets

  • Easy to clean

  • No mud

  • Non-toxic

  • No holes

  • No chemicals

  • No stains

  • Odour-free

  • Low maintenance

  • Permanently green

Compared to a natural lawn, switching to fake grass for dogs is a great alternative. For the most part, the obvious advantages are about having a lot less mess to deal with. Pets can trample on real grass and slide in wet weather, getting grubby in the process. They can also be prone to digging.

When you opt for fake grass for dogs instead, you eliminate these problems, as synthetic turf has suitable drainage built in, eliminating mud altogether. Thanks to its sand or silica infill, it’s also weighted down, which prevents digging and potential damage from sharp claws.

You want the best for dogs, and fake grass can deliver. In terms of its composition, artificial grass contains no harmful chemicals and is non-toxic. While some dogs can be allergic to latex, turf backing is rarely made from latex anymore; it’s normally polyurethane instead. That being said, you should still check with the manufacturer.

Why It’s Worth Buying Artificial Grass for Dogs

Good for all the Family

If you’re concerned about aesthetics, don’t think pet-friendly turf looks substantially different; you can still have a good looking garden that you and your pooch can enjoy. Similarly, fake grass for dogs can also be effective for children. The only thing to watch out for is the shock-absorbing layer, which is normally good for putting around a play area.

Foam Cushioning

Sitting Dog Vector

With dogs, fake grass for an alternative can be a simple switch. However, the foam cushioning underneath synthetic turf can absorb smells left behind by pet urine. If not cleaned regularly enough, you could end up with an unpleasant garden for all involved. Unless you specifically need this shock-absorbing layer, you might want to think twice about getting it.

You might consider simply purchasing a budget option when looking at artificial grass. The problem is, for dogs, fake grass needs to be durable and cope with higher foot traffic. You don’t get the most amount of strength from cheap faux turf. It won’t last as long and won’t be as soft on paws.

Avoids Odours

The perfect solution for our furry friends is specific products tailored to animals. They’ve been designed in such a way that they will bring the most amount of comfort and practicality for pet owners. Fake grass for dogs is non-toxic and without latex, so you won’t have to worry about any adverse effects on your pet’s health.

For the particularly science-minded, there are ways to eliminate bacteria, mould, mildew and odours. Envirofill offers a turf infill that has Microban technology integrated into it. Once spread over your lawn, its microbial properties get rid of harmful bacteria over the lifetime of the product. Infills like these don’t compact either, so it doesn’t affect drainage. This makes fake grass a great option for dogs.

What does artificial grass cost?

6 Benefits of Fake Grass for Dogs

In case you weren’t already sold on artificial grass as the perfect solution for your pet, we’ve listed a handful of positive points for you to consider below.


The best fake grass for dogs looks and feels like the real thing. Artificial grass has come a long way since its inception and has only ever got more realistic. Not only will your lawn not look a strange luminescent shade of green anymore, it also won’t feel sharp or spiky to the touch. This is important if you want your pets to use the grass at all.

This is why, for dogs, fake grass comes in ranges with a variety of shades and textures that mimic the real thing. The shape of the grass blades also has a bearing on its sponginess and overall appearance, which is why high-end synthetic grasses come out on top.


Dog Lying Down Vector

Some pets enjoy the simple pleasure of digging holes in the garden, plodding through puddles and smearing smells all over their backs. Fake grass for dogs is tough and can put up with the heavy duty rough and tumble associated with boisterous play.

The thickness is usually good enough to prevent any damage and is another reason to get pet-friendly artificial turf. For dogs, fake grass makes for a good toilet area, as it doesn’t discolour when in contact with urine. No one wants a patchy lawn!


Another reason why fake grass for dogs is a good idea is that it is low maintenance. Real lawns can shoot up rapidly in the summer, becoming a barrier for some pets. You have to regularly use the lawnmower to keep the length down to avoid the swards being squashed flat. It also makes it difficult to locate and clear up any waste.

The total lack of cutting associated with artificial grass eliminates this problem altogether. This makes fake grass more inviting for dogs all year round. As an additional benefit, you don’t have to worry about treating your turf.

You can maintain it by simply giving it a brush from time to time to keep the swards standing erect. You won’t have to worry about mud, dirt or other grass maintenance either.

Quick Cleaning

Linked to the previous point about how little maintenance is required for pet-friendly artificial grass, it’s also quick to clean. Stains and discolouration from pet waste won’t be an issue, as surfaces are permeable, and any offending material can be easily removed.

You can clean fake grass for dogs by giving it a rinse with a hose or a more thorough clean with soapy water. If you’re concerned with smells, you can try using artificial grass cleaners, as these are designed to work through the fabric of the material to eliminate odours.

Good Drainage

All dog-friendly artificial grass has decent drainage capabilities, which means it’s effectively rinsed clean. Because fake grass for dogs is installed over a suitable sub-base, it allows water to drain through, eliminating bad smells from the presence of pet waste.

As artificial grass is permeable, it allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. No water pooling will occur, saving your home from wet paw prints and the trampling of any mud into the house. For dogs, fake grass is therefore an easy way of keeping your home clean during periods of inclement weather.

Dog Health

It may sound strange, but there are certain health benefits in fitting artificial grass for your dog.

Less Stress

It doesn’t take much to stress out animals, and dogs are no exception. It can sometimes be difficult for dogs if their owner dictates when and where they are allowed to play, go to the toilet, what they can touch and what they should leave alone. Usually, this is commanded by how the weather affects natural grass and how it can be spoiled.

Installing fake grass for dogs is a good way of lowering stress levels as it’s perfect year-round. With more freedom to roam and play, you won’t be worried about the state of the garden as much, and won’t need to prevent them from going outside.

No Exercise Limits

Dog Playing Icon

Because dog-friendly synthetic turf isn’t affected by the weather, you won’t have to wait until the lawn has dried out or for the weather to be nice before you allow your dog to bound around.

Fake grass for dogs is ideal whatever the weather, keeping your hound in good health and allowing them more play time outdoors, where all the good smells can be found. Still not convinced? The arenas at Crufts are fitted with artificial grass, and they allow for dogs to show off their prowess with ease.


Unlike a natural lawn that requires feeding and weeding, no chemicals need to be used on an artificial lawn. Whether pesticides or herbicides, chemicals have a detrimental impact on your dog’s health, from causing nausea and diarrhoea to impacting their breathing. Fake grass for dogs is a great option because it requires such little maintenance, not needing any chemicals to keep it looking its best.

It can also be hard to stop your dog from coming into contact with treated areas in a natural lawn, which is why pet-friendly artificial grass is a good alternative for your dog. The underlying structure isn’t toxic either, so you can breathe easy.

The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Now that you know the benefits of artificial grass, let’s compare different brands. It pays to shop around and see what’s on the market. We’ve compared three manufacturers to see how their fake grass for dogs compares.


Epitomising the lack of maintenance involved, LazyLawn is a perfect example of pet-friendly artificial grass. They’ve developed the ONE-DNA line, which is exclusive to them and offers suitable drainage. Other products include lengths from 26–36mm.

They also sell a range of cleaning products, under their PoopClenZ and PeeClenZ brands, which help you when it comes to a thorough clean. Their fake grass for dogs, naturally, is also suitable for cats.

Perfect Grass

Living up to the enduring nature of fake grass for dogs, Perfect Grass sells a range of products they have developed exclusively for pets. Most of these are available in a recyclable form as well.

Their range includes The Spring 35, The Heath 35, The Meadow 30 and The Knoll 30 or 35, which are popular amongst their customers as they reduce the absorption of pet urine and allow for easy cleaning.

Artificial Lawn Company

Prize Dog Vector

Suppliers of fake grass for dogs at the prestigious Crufts, the Artificial Lawn Company knows a thing or two about dog-friendly artificial grass. If it’s good enough for the best in show, it’s good enough for your cherished pet.

Their PET Lawn was released in 2024 and features realism with C and Diamond shaped fibres. This helps it to keep it durable and lessens the chance of it flattening. The PET Lawn is also five times more porous than previous designs.

Get the Right Turf for You

Now that you know what fake grass for dogs is on the market, why not get some quotes? Click on the button below to receive tailored prices from local suppliers.

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