First UK Based Artificial Grass Recycling Scheme

Paper cutout of the recycling logo on top of artificial grass
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: May 08, 2024
3 minutes read

One of the disadvantages of synthetic turf is in how it can be difficult to recycle once it comes to the end of its usable life. The main issue is in how a sand infill becomes inseparable from the plastic material, but a mixture of different plastics can also prove difficult to separate.

Fortunately, the UK’s very first artificial grass recycling company is available to offer an invaluable solution. This is available for both sports pitches and households.

Let’s Recycle Artificial Grass

An East Midlands based company has decided to turn its attention to the growing problem with fake turf waste. Instead of miles of the stuff ending up in landfill, they offer a recycling service to transform waste into a range of practical and durable objects.

From park benches to flower boxes, the company creates a range of products out of leftover and used synthetic grass. According to the business, it gives the plastics an extended lifespan of more than 25 years.

Improving Sustainability

Plastics are inherently bad for the environment because they do not decompose. Every piece of plastic that has been produced and ended up in the environment is still there in some form. This means improving the sustainability of artificial turf is paramount if more people are to choose it in future.

“It is vital that the UK artificial grass industry comes together to create more stringent standards when it comes to sustainability.”

Andrew Sampson – Director of Let’s Recycle Artificial Grass

While it is possible for plastic to be recycled, this cannot happen indefinitely as quality is lost during the process. Degradation happens as the products are used, which requires a mixture of virgin plastics to be rendered reusable.

The eventual aim for artificial grass in the future is for it to enter a fully regenerative cycle. Old grass waste will eventually be processed back into a recycled lawn, reducing the need for virgin plastic. As a stepping stone, offering a recycling service is perhaps the first stage.

How Recycling Synthetic Turf Works

For households, the recycling company offers a delivery and collection service anywhere in the UK. Depending on how far away you are from Nottingham will affect how much you pay. Once you fill the tonne waste, they will collect it and bring it back to their recycling centre. They also offer a drop off service at a discounted rate.

For businesses, the artificial grass recycling company gives you access to a membership service. This helps advertise your commitment to the environment by giving you access to green certification to display on materials and your website. You also gain access to discounted services and the opportunities for networking with like minded businesses.

Interested in Artificial Grass?

If you’ve ever thought of never having to mow the lawn again, you’re probably considering going synthetic. There are many elements that affect the price of artificial grass, but the process couldn’t be simpler. With the additional bonus of being able to recycle it afterwards, why hold back?

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