Ways to Use Your Conservatory

A glass table and chairs with potted plants around it in a spacious glass conservatory
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Feb 08, 2023
3 minutes read

If you’re thinking about getting a conservatory or you’ve recently had one built, you may be wondering what sort of uses you can get out of it. As an extra room for your home, the possibilities are many and varied. From simply having that little extra breathing room due to the extra space to actually making use of it as a dedicated room throughout the year, the choices are almost endless.

Depending on the size of your conservatory and the material you choose, some of these suggestions will work better than others. We’ve put together a list of eight great ideas to help give you some inspiration.

Dining Room

You can give your home more space by moving the dining table and chairs into your conservatory. Giving you views of the garden and allowing for more natural light, a separate dining room can be a great way of adding atmosphere to your home when eating. As long as the place is energy efficient, you won't have to worry about being too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer.

Play Room

If you’re sick of tripping over kids’ toys and the clutter that they leave everywhere, why not think about moving it all to the conservatory? They can have a room dedicated to them and their play and you can benefit from a tidier house as a result. You may have to remind them to tidy up their playthings every now and again though.

Games Room

If you’ve got room, you can make use of a pool table, air hockey table or other activity. A games console can also feature here or you could go for the more physical aspect with a dart board. You can also add some refinement with a chess table or a board games room. Comfortable seating is also a must, especially if you're holding tournaments or offering a spectator sport.

Home Office

Don’t have a spare bedroom, or is it now occupied? Your conservatory can be used as your home office, giving you the space to work, with scenic views of the garden. You can make sure you get the peace and quiet you need with room to work adequately. An office space with plenty of natural light improves your mood and can make you more productive.

Indoor Garden

With a room receiving adequate lighting and extra heat in the summer, you could make use of this space as a habitat for your plants. They will absolutely thrive in this environment and be out of the way of curtains and blinds, which saves on any damage they might receive. It will give you an easy place to store your foliage and make sure they are growing their best. Sheltered from the wind, in prime view of the sun and in a warmer environment year round, there's no reason why they won't love it there.

Kitchen Extension

If you have your conservatory within easy access of your kitchen, you could make use of this extra space as an extension of your kitchen. Whether for seating or for preparation, you can complement your kitchen by having a matching floor, be it ceramic tiling or LVT. Lean-to conservatories can work best in this regard and sliding patio doors or bifolds could help open up the space even further.

Utility Room

Another use you could get out of your conservatory is as a utility room. By having a separate home for your washing machine, tumble dryer and cleaning products, you can free up space elsewhere in your home. The kitchen can suddenly be less crowded and feature more room to breathe. In some ways, it's nicer when the laundry is completely out of sight and out of mind.

Family Room

If you’re less enthusiastic about using a conservatory for activities, it can double up as a lounge or a comfy room to relax in. With armchairs or sofas, and perhaps a TV, you can be sure that everyone can be comfortable as they put their feet up.