Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tools

Various tools around a block of wood with screw holes
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Nov 01, 2023
3 minutes read

When it comes to looking after your garage door, there’s plenty of essential tools you need to have. A little maintenance can go a long way to make sure garage doors last for many years and stay in good condition. With the correct tools at your disposal, there’s almost nothing you can’t do yourself, which will save on calling out a professional to maintain this important piece of equipment.

1. Screwdriver

Starting off with an obvious addition to the toolbox, screwdrivers are the single most important tools you need to have. Both Philips and flat heads are invaluable, depending on which fixings your garage door will have. Various components become loose over time and require tightening, which causes a safety risk. Make sure screws are secure.

2. Adjustable Wrench

Second on the list is the wrench, but an adjustable one. There are rarely uniform nuts and bolts attached to any fitting, so an adjustable one prevents you from having to hold an array of different sizes. You’re also able to use this wrench in different ways to hold parts in place while you work on other areas, proving this tool’s versatility.

3. Pliers

Wires and small components of a garage door are often difficult to reach or reattach. Using pliers makes this process much simpler and means you can depend on your own skills to fix minute issues in unexpected areas.

4. Hammer

You can’t fix everything by taking a hammer to it, and garage doors are no different. Instead of bashing out dents, a hammer can be used to help make minor adjustments to components or help realign something that’s gone slightly skew-whiff.

5. Tape Measure

Being precise does wonders for your garage door. Accurate measurements can aid in the ordering of replacement components and help reduce wasted money on errors, which can be repeated without the use of a tape measure. When you decide it’s time to replace your garage door, you’d be a fool not to take measurements first.

6. Drill

Power drills are incredibly useful, not only for maintaining garage doors, but for general maintenance around the home. You can speed up jobs with an electric drill and use different attachments for other applications.

7. Wire Cutters

These are particularly useful for electric garage doors as electrical components are dangerous when exposed or in the way. Wires may need to be removed, replaced or rewired, which requires the use of wire cutters. When the need arises, you don’t want to be left without them.

Before you buy all of these items, you should check all aspects of your garage door beforehand. There’s no use buying any screwdriver as a Philips won’t fit into a flat headed screw. Likewise, needle-nose pliers could be more effective for some garage doors than others. Make sure you only get the tools you need to keep your garage door in good condition.

Replacement Garage Doors

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