New Paintball Security Camera Can Pelt Intruders

Concept of the white PaintCam Eve shooting rapid-fire paintballs offside from the camera
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Apr 24, 2024
4 minutes read

A Slovenian startup has launched a brand new home security concept on Kickstarter this month. Known as the PaintCam Eve, it uses a combination of AI and app control to identify and react to perceived threats.

Adopting a Preventative Approach

The camera is the first of its kind to integrate a security camera with real-time facial recognition and paintball firing capabilities. Going one step further than cameras that simply track and identify individuals coming and going from a property, the company is looking to create a reactive system.

Designs are yet to be released, but it’s understood that unfamiliar visitors will be identified by the AI system. As a precaution, intruders will be warned before they are shot at by paintballs. According to some sources, there might be an option later down the line for tear gas to be included. Whether this will make its way to UK markets is open to debate.

Smart Home Security Systems

Technology has come a long way since the early days of CCTV. Nowadays, users are expecting to have some sort of control through their mobile device. Additional layers of security can include night vision and automatic tracking, following anyone who enters its field of vision.

Some of the features of the PaintCam include:

  • Target marking

  • Paintball defence

  • App control

  • Smart detection

  • Night vision

The intuitive AI system is able to differentiate between homeowners and pets, eliminating the possibility of false alarms. It also features a sound dispatcher and a warning laser, which help to give fair warning to anyone in its sight.


The camera is designed to give you full control over its use. You will receive an alert when the system doesn’t recognise someone, giving you the option of peppering them with paintballs. It will also do the same with animals.

While the startup has specified some versions of the camera will be able to identify pets, it’s unclear how reliable this will be and whether any neighbouring pets or wildlife will be affected.

Legal Implications

It’s uncertain yet what the legal implications would be of such a system. Owners might inadvertently find themselves liable for damages if paintballs (or even tear gas) were to cause serious harm to anyone.

Perhaps the real challenge is in creating a product that deters potential burglars as more of a preventative measure. Whether or not the product will be marketable in the UK is another matter entirely.

Why Consider Home Security

Modern home security systems grant peace of mind through their intuitive technology. It’s not just cameras, controlled through mobiles, that you can make use of.

Contact sensors fortify entryways, alerting you to any forced entry through windows or doors. These work in conjunction with an alarm system or can be used independently to alert you through your mobile device.

Alternatively, you could install a burglar alarm and choose an option with a monitoring package. This goes through to a control centre any time the alarm is triggered, issuing police presence if necessary.

Though you may have to wait a few years until your security camera can play paintball with the neighbourhood, you can review the best security systems for your home to see what’s on offer.

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