Recycled Plastic Driveways of the Future

View of plastic straws from the top in varying colours
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Nov 15, 2023
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Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has been a problem for decades, and will continue to be years into the future. From washing up on distant shores to littering our wildlife walks, it’s an issue that doesn’t have an easy solution. One Wirral based company, however, has taken it upon itself to utilise plastic waste in an effective way that both enhances their product and introduces a circular economy for plastic.

Imagine a world where waste plastic has a use in construction methods. Where the oceans can be cleaned up and instead of burning plastic to produce harmful gases, it can be repurposed. In terms of resin bound driveways, this scenario is no longer a fantasy.

Oltco’s Recycle Bound Solution

A proud company laying resin bound driveways has found a way to incorporate plastic waste into its products. Since starting their new product, the company has used the equivalent of half a million plastic straws across all driveways they’ve installed throughout the UK.

Known as Recycle Bound, the product uses waste plastic from straws, bottles and packaging from a recycling point and crushes them into a manageable size. Granulated and mixed with aggregate and resin, this then becomes a whole new reinforced product that’s suitable for laying on a driveway.

Every square metre of this recycled product uses the equivalent of 3,000 plastic straws, meaning a 40m² drive would use 120,000 straws, and a much larger 70m² drive would use 210,000.

Sourcing Plastic Material

Another product Oltco makes use of is the Recycle Base, which is a ground reinforcement system. This repurposes low grade plastic that would otherwise be incinerated, such as waste plastic that’s found in the sea. By making use of waste as a resource, they offset tonnes of carbon dioxide at a time. A 70m² drive made using Recycle Base saves enough carbon equivalent as planting 6 trees. Even when the base comes to the end of its life, it can be reused.

According to their own statistics, the average household recycles 270 plastic bottles a year. Installing a Recycle Bound driveway to an average sized drive would then eliminate more than 50 years’ worth of these recycled bottles. Moreover, because of the construction of these drive materials, they have a melting point of 250°C, which means they aren’t in any danger of melting in heatwaves.

Why Resin Bound Driveways Are Popular

Just like the recycled materials used by Oltco, a resin bound driveway offers a permeable solution that comes with many benefits. Not only do you not need to apply for planning permission, but there will be no water pooling on your drive either. Additionally, you can benefit from a low maintenance driveway that is weed and frost-resistant, with a uniform look that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Although resin systems are more expensive than other driveway options, there are companies operating that are doing their bit for the environment. You can have a superior drive to your neighbours, upgrade the exterior of your property and potentially avoid plastic pollution at the same time.

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