Resin Driveways Offer Flood Defence

Colourful riverbank houses in Norfolk with a steeple in the background
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Mar 27, 2024
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Resin bound driveways are the elite drive surface of choice. Not only are they uniform and can come in various designs and styles, but they allow water to drain through. Thanks to this, they can offer a crucial feature that most modern day homes can’t do without.

Flash Flooding

A resin company in Norwich has been doing well for installing their driveways throughout the city. With the potential to drain away near unlimited levels of surface water, they can protect against flash flooding. When installed properly, around 850 litres of water can be drained away per square metre every minute.

Other types of driveway surface only have a limited number of drainage channels fitted. This means that while they can drain away some surface water, it doesn’t take long before they become waterlogged.

Norfolk Success

Resins ‘R’ Us has scaled year on year thanks to increased demand in their resin products. When you look at the advantages a resin driveway provides, it’s not hard to see why. The most recent look at flood defence is only the latest trend helping homeowners realise the superior product’s market position.

Founded in 2019 by the Lake family, the company has provided more than 80,000 products in the last 18 months alone. In terms of drainage capacity, they’ve installed enough surfaces to drain away the equivalent of 100 Olympic sized swimming pools, or 25 million litres.

Wet Months

East Anglia has recently had its wettest February on record. It’s usually one of the regions most at risk from flooding. Despite flood defences being in operation, almost a tenth of them are considered poor or very poor by the Environment Agency.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that more homeowners and businesses are installing resin bound surfaces to keep themselves better protected. Where flood defences are on the blink, more homes are at risk of flooding and extensive water pooling. Fortunately, a resin drive can help.

How Resin Bound Driveways Work

As a mixture of aggregate and resin, the resulting product forms a mould that features minute holes throughout the structure. Most other surfaces are solid and aren’t designed with drainage in mind.

The beauty of a resin bound surface is that it doesn’t allow for water retention but still maintains grip and usability. This prevents thawing and damage from frost.

Underneath the resin/aggregate surface is hardcore, tarmac and an open grade base. This helps support the structure above and allows somewhere for the water to go.

One of the best things about a resin bound surface is that it doesn’t require planning permission. Because it already allows surface water to drain through, it won’t impact other areas or build up floodwater. Local authority approval has to be granted for most other driveway types to prevent current waterways from becoming overrun.

Get a Resin Drive

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