Modern Roller Garage Doors

A slate grey roller garage door with a wooden frame against a light grey brickwork building
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Feb 28, 2024

Every home that features a garage should be secure as standard. This week, we’re looking at roller garage doors in detail. From how advantageous they are to how much you can expect to pay, you can find useful information about them here.

How Does a Roller Door Work?

Consisting of multiple small panels that are linked together, a roller shutter operates by winding itself into a roll at the lintel. It’s specifically designed to not encroach on outside or inside space, tidying away to give you more room to manoeuvre.

Benefits of a Roller Shutter

  • Compact

  • Durable

  • Insulated

  • Lightweight

  • Secure

  • Space-saving

Not only are these doors compact, but they’re durable and can be insulated as well. You can opt for both single and double skinned types, depending on how much space you’re after and whether you need insulation or not.

Roller doors are strong, so you know that they’ll last, and they’re incredibly secure. As they’re usually operated electrically, they’re inoperable without the motor, which prevents unwanted manual entry.

Single Skin vs Double Skin

As the name implies, a single skin roller door is solely made from a single layer of the material. This option is usually reserved for manual doors as it’s lighter, and it can also be spring loaded for easier operation. You’d choose a single skinned version if you weren’t so worried about insulation.

With double skin, each slat features an internal chamber that’s filled with an insulating material. These are then linked together to offer the continuous operation synonymous with roller garage doors. The main reason to choose a double skinned roller is because you’d like your garage to retain some heat. It is also considered slightly more secure.

What Materials Are Available?

Garage doors in roller or a shutter type usually only come in aluminium or steel. This is because GRP and timber would be unsuitable with the design and operation of the mechanism.

Steel is considered the more heavy duty of the two materials. This also makes them heavier, which means they are normally operated using an electric motor. Some believe steel is the less aesthetically pleasing material, but durability is more prized here.

With aluminium, the roller door is lighter and less expensive. While they are still durable, the material lends itself to more colour options, including the chance to match specific RAL colours.

Colours Available

Both steel and aluminium offer themselves well to multiple colour choices. Aluminium can be powder coated to around 50 different colour options, from various shades of whites, greens and blues to blacks and reds. Steel usually comes in a select few shades. The bottom line is, you’ll find a colour to complement your home.

Additionally, with aluminium, you can texture the finish to add a woodgrain effect. This can give the impression of timber without having to pay the price for it. If you have timber windows and doors in your home already, a timber effect aluminium roller door could be the option for you. Various wooden shades can make it less obvious the surface is metallic.

How Much Do Roller Garage Doors Cost?

Naturally, all garage doors will vary depending on how much material is needed. The bigger your garage entryway, the more you can expect to pay for a design. Similarly, with different colour options, you can shell out more for less popular shades.

A basic, single skinned steel roller can be anywhere from £950–£1,200. Double width versions can start at £1,200.

A manual aluminium door can be anything from £1,400, while electrically operated single sized doors can start at £3,000.

Be aware that all of these figures are rough estimates. Without knowing the size of your space or what material you’re after, it’s almost impossible to guess.

To find out how much you’d pay for a roller garage door, use the button below to get a quote from a local supplier.