Drought Transforms Costa del Astroturf

A swimming pool with artificial grass beside it
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Apr 03, 2024
3 minutes read

Artificial grass has surged in popularity in Costa del Sol thanks to drought. The Junta implemented a series of water saving measures, preventing the irrigation of gardens and green areas. As a by-product, artificial grass sales increased by 200% in the first months of 2024 alone.

Lack of Water

Spain has been suffering from drought for years, and the situation is only getting worse. Three years have passed without consistent rainfall, so emergency measures have been brought in to conserve what little water there is.

There’s been a ban on refilling or topping up swimming pools in hotels unless it’s being recycled. Car washing and public garden watering were amongst the first bans to come into effect, unless water came from approved recycling systems.

Keeping Lawns Green

With chronic drought comes ingenuity. Instead of being stuck with a brown lawn or a barren wasteland of outside space, consumers have been turning to artificial grass. The luxury property market, in particular, has been greatly affected by irrigation bans. With an average of 150–500 square metres of garden, it’s no wonder that other solutions are being sought.

Some high-end villas can feature up to 2,000 square metres of lawn, but grass and flower beds require different levels of water. Around 5–8 litres per m² are required every day for lawns, while flower beds and trees could live off 2–5 litres per m².

A 200m² garden will need 1,400 litres a day in the height of summer, which is more than 40,000 litres a month. With summer on its way, and the country already bracing for further restrictions in water use, there simply isn’t enough water to cover this demand.

Instead, people are switching to artificial grass. It requires no water and can last between 10 and 15 years. Whatever the weather, gardens are staying green and providing a bit of colour to an otherwise arid environment.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Besides the lack of water required, artificial grass comes with other benefits. There is increased drainage too, so wet environments won’t suffer from waterlogging or water pooling. Similarly, it’s designed to withstand harsh environments, so it can be installed anywhere.

The biggest benefit is the total lack of maintenance required to keep a fake lawn healthy. No more time is required to keep it a suitable length, cut back edges or de-weed. This can all save money too.

Besides the aesthetics, artificial grass is pet and child friendly. It can be played on with no issue and even has a cushioning layer underneath. It can be cleaned with ease and can withstand high impacts.

Upgrade Your Lawn

You don’t have to be in the middle of a drought to consider getting artificial grass. While it is useful for countries suffering from water scarcity, you can make use of it whenever you feel the need to.

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