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Top Benefits of a New Conservatory

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Mar 23, 2023
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  • What are the benefits of any conservatory?
  • How you can enjoy the benefits of having a conservatory
  • Typical conservatory cost

There are always advantages to adding another section to your home, and a conservatory is no different. From adding extra space to allowing more natural light inside, a conservatory benefits you in more ways than the physical. This article will go through the best benefits of a conservatory and how they can positively impact your house. It will also outline what you roughly expect a new conservatory to cost.

A glass conservatory overlooking a river

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More Space

One of the most obvious benefits of any conservatory is that it creates more space. You can free up room elsewhere by having a dedicated area for your needs. The versatility of this extra room means you can use it however it suits you, whether that be for dining in the summer, lounging in the spring or enjoying games with the family. Children also love having an area dedicated to them, and a conservatory is the perfect place to keep bulkier play items.

Open Garden

Open Garden Vector

The use of glass in the construction of conservatories allows you to view the outside, creating a gateway to your garden. The benefits of a conservatory go beyond the interior, as you can enjoy the view of your well-maintained garden all-year round. Even if the weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy being outside, you can still feel as though you’re a part of the outdoors inside a conservatory and be comfortable inside all the while.

Natural Light

Depending on the material you choose, a conservatory can give you more natural light. The benefits of a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof apply to your health and wellbeing. Allowing more natural light inside improves your mood, decreases stress, reduces eye strain and can raise productivity levels, which is useful if you’re ever working from home.

Additionally, allowing more sunlight in means you can permit more heat to enter your home. Modern technology doesn’t make the room too hot either, or let it escape when it’s too hot outside. More light levels means the benefits of having a conservatory can also make you spend less on lighting, saving you a little on your electricity bill.

Is an orangery or a conservatory right for me?

Energy Efficient

Perhaps one of the best benefits of any conservatory, especially a modern one, is that they are built with energy efficiency in mind. On the one hand, they are constructed to not allow as much heat out. Depending on the materials used, this can be better than others, as a tiled roof is better insulated than a glass pane. On the other hand, the conservatory itself can act as a buffer between the outdoor and indoor temperatures, helping you to retain heat on the inside without losing as much. In this way, there are many benefits of a conservatory just for your heating.

If you’re looking at getting a glass conservatory, the panes can be coated in Low-E glass, which is what keeps heat in without letting as much out. It’s essentially a thin film that you can still see through. The benefits of a conservatory fitted with this film are in the extra insulation it provides and extending the seasons in which you can make use of it.

Planning Permission Ease

Before you consider getting a conservatory, you might feel as though you’d have to go through the process of planning permission. Fortunately, as the sizes are so versatile, you have a lot of flexibility in how it’s constructed, which means that you won’t necessarily need to apply for planning permission. One of the most useful benefits of a conservatory is that you won’t need this permission if it’s under a certain size.

Conservatory Blueprints Vector

As long as you stick to the following, you should be safe without planning permission:

  • It will be built at ground level and be no bigger than 30m²

  • It’s built to a maximum height of 3 metres if it’s within 2 metres of the boundary

  • It doesn’t cover more than half the garden

  • The ridge of the roof is no higher than the eaves of the house

  • If it’s built on the side, it shouldn’t extend beyond half the width of the house

  • If you’re looking to include a heating system, it must be independent from the house with its own controls

If you’re looking to go for a bigger extension, one of the benefits of a conservatory company is that they can sort out any planning permission paperwork for you. As they are knowledgeable about all aspects of the building process, they will know what works and what will need to be applied for. They can also make this process incredibly efficient for you.

Home Value

If you’re looking for real value, the benefits of any conservatory include the financial as well as the physical. It’s often regarded that you can increase how much your home is worth just by adding a conservatory. The extra space becomes more desirable for potential homebuyers, and if it’s constructed well and complements the architecture, it could add at least 5% to your home’s value. When it comes to selling, you can easily recover this money.

Easier Than Moving

House Move Vector

A house move is an incredibly stressful affair, especially with all the searching, telephone calls and endless waiting. There’s so many things that can go wrong as well, and the actual day of moving is never a calm day. Instead of moving home to get more space, enjoy the benefits of a conservatory by adding one to your home instead. It will be a lot easier than moving elsewhere and, after adding value to your house, it can make sure you see a return on your initial investment.

What Does a Conservatory Cost in the UK?

This is a loaded question as there are so many factors that affect what you will pay. These include items such as the style and materials you choose, its size and what roof you opt for. According to Checkatrade, you can enjoy the benefits of your conservatory from as little as £9,000 for a lean-to uPVC build that’s 3.5 x 3.5m.

How much does a new conservatory cost?

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