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Conservatory Prices UK - How Much a New Conservatory Costs in 2024

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 01, 2024
6 minutes read
  • Typical conservatory prices
  • What affects conservatory cost
  • Examples of different styles that are available

Conservatories come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which invariably come with different price tags. Knowing that your materials can bring up the cost you can expect to pay for conservatory prices is only part of the full picture. Depending on whether you’re after glazing all round, a small wall or if you only really want a lean-to job also needs to be considered.

To give a well-rounded look at conservatory prices, this article will break down all parts of the process to analyse what you can expect to pay in 2024. This will range from which factors will raise the price and what style each design will average. The conservatory cost will also depend on the constructors you choose.

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A gable-end conservatory opening up onto a patio

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Factors Affecting Conservatory Prices

  • Size, style or shape

  • Wall choice

  • Style of roof

  • Material

  • Window glass

  • Flooring choice

First and foremost, you need to select the size and style of the conservatory you want to have built. Conservatory prices are lowest for lean-tos as they require less effort to be built, whereas a larger L-shaped or Edwardian conservatory will set you back more. Likewise, if you’re looking to build bigger than 3.5m², it will cost you more. Secondly, you may wish to have a dwarf wall fitted, like most conservatories feature, as this can be insulated and make it warmer in the winter. It is, however, more expensive than simply having full floor to ceiling glazing installed.

Likewise, the roof affects the overall character of the finished conservatory, as well as how much light is let in and its heat retaining properties. Conservatory prices for roofs tend to be cheapest for polycarbonate, as this is incredibly light and will sit on top of any build without reinforcement. Glass and traditional roof tiles will certainly change the style, but will also be more expensive.

The materials you use for the frame will vary conservatory prices as well. These typically consist of uPVC, aluminium or timber, which are listed in ascending price order. uPVC is usually white, but can be made in a colour of your choice for a little extra. Timber needs to be sourced sustainably and cut to size, so a premium is attached to this more natural feel. The windows, too, will add another sizeable sum to your total conservatory cost. Whether you’re after double or triple glazing or Low-E value glass, this is certainly another point to factor in.

Finally, conservatory prices will be affected by the choice of flooring and whether you want to install heating. Underfloor heating won’t be as expensive to install in such a small room, but it will still need wiring and to have a separate thermostat to your home. Also, whether you opt for floor tiles, laminate, vinyl or otherwise, you’ll need to budget for the final look of your conservatory.

Interestingly enough, conservatories can increase your house price. How much value does a conservatory add to your home?

Typical Conservatory Cost

Now that we know how conservatory prices are impacted, it’s time to see some real figures. So, how much does a conservatory cost? We’ve separated the costs by style and given a typical figure based on several points. These are averages based on a 3.5m² design.


Lean-to Conservatory

Lean-to conservatories are the simplest and easiest version to install. Their name derives from the slanted roof that effectively leans against the wall of the home. These conservatories are typically rectangular and consist of three sides joined to the back of a property. The example above features a dwarf wall and has the door open. Typical lean to conservatory prices are listed in the table below.


Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is a grander affair, featuring extra light through the use of a bay window. It focuses on the panoramic view of the garden and is immensely popular. The example also features a dwarf wall and has the door open in front of the bay window. Conservatory prices for Victorian styles are somewhere in the estimates below.


Edwardian Conservatory

Regarded for their size, Edwardian conservatories are rectangular in design and create a sense of more space than other styles. The above example has the door open at the front of its rectangular design and also features a dwarf wall. Conservatory prices for the Edwardian are indicative of the table below.


Gable-end Conservatory

Deriving from the flat fronted roof, like you’d see on the side of a house, gable-end conservatories are similar to Edwardian designs, but with a higher roof to maximise the amount of light they let in. As the example above depicts, the door is open on this dwarf wall version. Typical gable-end conservatory prices are included below.

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost Based on Material?

The conservatory prices quoted on this page are averages based on a 3.5m² size construction. If you’re after anything bigger than this, it will drive up the cost. Remember, anything larger than 30m² will require planning permission, so this may have to be taken into consideration if you have a bigger space. Dwarf walls don’t necessarily require planning permission either. The table below only includes conservatory prices for the three most popular styles.

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