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The Pros and Cons of Electric Garage Doors

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 26, 2023
8 minutes read
  • What are electric garage doors and how do they work?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of an electric garage door
  • Overview of cost

If you’ve lifted a heavy garage door over your head and wondered if there’s a better way of operating it, you will benefit from reading about electric garage doors. Unlike manual doors, an electric garage door will take away the burden of any manual labour and provide a seamless experience. You can transform the way you use your garage by upgrading or replacing the entrance with an electric garage door.

In this article, we’ll discuss how electric garage doors operate, as well as all of the benefits and drawbacks that come with them. Even though they come with convenience, sometimes they can go wrong, which puts you back to square one. While electric garage doors do come with their own problems, they can be resolved, either by you or a professional.

Someone lubricating the chain of an electric garage door motor

Why People Choose Electric Garage Doors

Sometimes you might want to inject some status into your life, and an electric garage door is the way to do just that. Driving up to a garage that opens to your call without any labour involved can sometimes feel like a dream. Additionally, electric garage doors are useful for people who suffer from mobility issues or for the elderly who aren’t as able to operate a garage door manually. At any rate, they are useful for upgrading your garage door and lifestyle.

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How Do Electric Garage Doors Work?

Your garage will need a working electrical supply to start with, or this will need to be added if it currently has no power. If your garage is connected to the house, this should already have an electricity supply, whereas detached garages will most likely need this installed. The electric garage door simply connects to a motor, which requires a 13 amp socket to operate.

Electric Garage Door Mechanism

Depending on the style of your garage door, the motor is placed on the ceiling and is connected to the door via tracks that are secured in place. When the system is engaged, the motor drives the mechanism, which pulls the garage door open. Roller electric garage doors need to be taken apart to have the motor fixed to them, but all garage doors can be automated.

The tracks that connect the motor to the electric garage doors usually consist of chains that will need oiling every now and again to keep them in working condition. They will always come with a way to be disengaged so you are able to open up the garage door manually in the case of an emergency.

Advantages of an Electric Garage Door

You can expect to see the following pros for electric garage doors:

  • Convenience

  • Easy to operate

  • Extra layer of security

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Convenience is key, and it’s useful to have a garage door that automatically opens when the weather is not on your side. Not only this, but the effort required will be eradicated through the use of electric garage doors. No more heavy lifting or forcing a door open on rusted hinges. Some models can open the garage door when you’re approaching your home, which is even more useful for those who are liable to lose a remote control fob.

You can also benefit from additional security. Electric garage doors are controlled via smartphone or remote control, so no one without it can get inside. The electric motor also prevents the garage door from being opened manually, acting as an extra lock. As it’s connected by a chain, it cannot be forced open. You can also look out for Secured by Design accreditation, which sets a certain standard of security. It’s a police preferred specification that ensures the garage door has been rigorously tested to prevent the opportunity for crime.

Sectional Garage Door Icon

Focussing more on the aesthetic side of things, electric garage doors tend to be more pleasing to the eye and in their operation. Sectional garage doors in particular come with a clean look and roller garage doors look more modern. Able to incorporate different materials and designs, you can give your garage more natural light with clear sectional panels.

Electric Garage Door Disadvantages

The following pros can be experienced with electric garage doors:

  • Electrical issues

  • Needs professional help

  • More maintenance required

  • Operating noise

Electric Garage Door Icon

Occasionally, you can experience electrical issues with your electric garage door. Power cuts can prevent you from opening the door, unless you disengage the mechanism, and other faults can stop it from working smoothly. Electric garage doors will require a little bit of knowledge so you’re aware of what can go wrong and how you can potentially fix it. Bigger issues will need a professional.

Likewise, electric garage doors will require more maintenance. They are more complicated than manual doors and technicians will likely need to be called out to correct any issues you experience. When installed, electric garage doors need a safety reverse system fitted, which will stop closing if it detects an obstruction. If this goes wrong, it will need to be corrected to ensure you have a safe door.

The other things to consider with electric garage doors is the noise that they make. Different motors will generate different levels of noise. As they age and deteriorate, they can start to make a racket as well. Loose chains can make more of a ruckus, but this is more than just an annoyance; a loose chain puts more strain on the motor and makes it less efficient. This shortens the life of electric garage doors and needs seeing to, usually by a professional.

How Much Does an Electric Garage Door Cost?

If you have an existing door that’s in good condition, works well and isn’t in need of replacement, you can consider adding the electrical element to your garage door. You can typically expect to pay around £1,000 for a motor, but this doesn’t include the installation. Electric garage doors as a whole can cost in the range of £20,000 for a high end model. Alternatively, the cost of installation can be between £200 and £400.

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