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Garage Doors That Increase Home Value

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jun 15, 2023
5 minutes read
  • Garage doors can improve home value by up to 5%
  • Why roller and wooden garage doors are better
  • How an electric garage door is worth the investment

When it comes to home improvement, you might overlook how important a new garage door can be. It has the potential to increase your home value, which can be an easier way of making your home more attractive to potential buyers. Naturally, you’ll also enjoy the new look, so garage doors are a benefit for everyone.

This article will explore garage doors and which designs have the most impact in increasing the value of your home. It will also look at the many other benefits that you can enjoy, whether you opt for a manual or electric garage door.

A modern white home with a dark garage anthracite door and entrance

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Can New Garage Doors Increase the Value of a Home?

While you can appreciate that a new garage door can offer better security, a modern look and a fresh feel to a home, it makes sense that this should equate to an improved property price. Kings Lynn Garage Doors recently revealed that as much as 5% could be added to a home’s value with a new garage door. As the average house price in the UK is roughly £260,726, this can add over £13,000!

The most financial benefit can be found when an old, damaged or outdated door is replaced with a newer, more secure version that suits the style of your home. Garage doors that already complement the exterior of your home and are in good condition won’t necessarily need replacing as they may not be hindering your property value.

Which Garage Doors Have the Most Effect?

While any new garage door will increase the value of your home, some types and designs offer more of a return than others. Estimates for returns on what you spend on new garage doors come between 70% and 98%. This means that it often pays to put the money into a more advanced garage door as you will most likely see the majority of its value back when it comes to selling your home.

Roller Garage Doors

A garage with roller doors is more secure, with a locking mechanism that is hard to force open. It allows you to make use of more space on your drive as it easily tucks away into a neat roll at the top of the garage opening. This means that you can use the door when your car is right up next to it, unlike a traditional up and over door.

The colour options of a roller garage door allow you to pick and choose something that really goes with the exterior of your home. Aluminium can be primed in a great range of colours, giving you complete control over how it looks. White can give a fresh appearance as it works well with the same coloured window frames and fascias. You can also consider matching the brickwork to make your home seem larger. Garage doors can be the same colour as your front door as well, so it’s a matter of preference.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Door Vector

Offering a timeless finish and a traditional feel, wooden garage doors offer prestige to a property. Timber doors come in up and over, side hinged and sectional designs, but can also come in round the corner versions. Although they are heavier and require more maintenance than metal or GRP finishes, they will last for many years with regular treatment.

Wooden doors come in a limited number of colours, as they are usually only left as treated wood. You can always paint them to complement other external colours, but this will require regular upkeep to keep it looking its best. Being very secure, timber garage doors are a popular option, especially for older homes in rural settings.

Electric Garage Doors

When replacing your garage door, it could be worth your while to make it electric. Having a door that automatically opens will set you back at least an extra £1,000, but it has the potential to add more value to your property. Homeowners and homebuyers are increasingly looking for more ways in which they can see value in a home, and modern, electric garage doors can be the answer.

Any type of door can be made electric. It just requires a technician to install as the process is not straightforward for the average handyperson. While there will be more maintenance involved, such as making sure the motor runs efficiently and the guide tracks are properly lubricated, an electric garage door increases security. Because the motor cannot be moved when it’s in a fixed position, intruders will find electric garage doors the most difficult to break into.

Why Does a New Garage Door Increase Home Value?

It’s not just a case of newer means better. Garage doors have gone through various improvements over the years, from the materials that are used to the finishes applied. Replacing an outdated garage door brings it into the modern age and gives you various benefits.

Urban House With Double Garage Isometric

Insulating Properties

Some doors are better at this than others, but there’s no denying that superior materials translate into more efficient heat retention. Aluminium, GRP and timber garage doors can all help insulate a garage, which is useful if it is attached to your home or serves as a utility room. Aluminium is primarily used in roller doors, whereas GRP can be used for up and over or side hinged versions.

Better Security

Stronger materials offer better protection than anything worn, damaged or dented. Newer garage doors are made to last and resist weathering. Electric versions offer the highest level of security, being unable to be forced.

Easier Maintenance

Any kind of garage door that has been around for a few decades will wear out more quickly than a new alternative. Since the materials have improved, as well as how they are primed for use, the maintenance involved will lessen dramatically. Rather than removing the entire painted finish that’s peeling off and having to go over it again, you can rest more easily with new garage doors, knowing that this won’t need to be done for many years.

Improved Aesthetic

It cannot be denied that a new garage door will increase the overall appeal of a home. Set against the backdrop of a tidy garden and a clean building, garage doors have the power to impress. You can get passersby and visitors to marvel at how much nicer your home looks without drawing attention to it yourself.

3D rendering of a modern home on two floors with a wooden garage

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