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Best Buy Home Alarms in 2024 - All Systems

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 02, 2024
8 minutes read
  • Home alarms in 2024 by category
  • Which home security system is right for you
  • Top home alarm systems

When it comes to security systems, you want value for money, handy features and an easy to use system. Every year, more companies try to outdo their previous home security systems and it can be hard to know which system is right for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best home alarms in 2024 and broken them down into different categories.

Whether you’re on a tight budget, like home alarm systems with many features or prefer alarms that are easy to use, our top 10 home alarm systems in the UK will help you come to a decision about which to buy. By breaking down 2024 home alarms in different categories, you can focus on the right one for you.

Components of a home alarm system on a wooden surface

Why a Home Security System Is Worth It

Security Systems Concept

Advice from Thames Valley Police highlights the importance of securing your home and preventing burglary. Not only can you find 2024 home alarms in a database of registered providers, you can incorporate other measures to keep your home secure. Look for accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB).

The peace of mind a home security system offers cannot be underestimated. If your system is a few years old, it might be worth seeing how it stacks up against newer versions. Take a look at our full list of home alarms in 2024 for a full comparison.

What are the components of a home security system?

Best Home Alarms in 2024 - On a Budget

If money is tight, but you still want to secure your home, take a look at our list of cheapest 2024 home alarms in ascending price order.

Hive Window/Door Sensor + Motion Sensor

Hive Contact Sensor

The most basic system you can buy is from Hive, and it consists of a window/door sensor and an additional motion sensor. Designed to be interconnected with your smart home system, it gives you the flexibility of operating your home from your phone.

The window/door sensor alerts you if any contact point is broken, while the motion sensor sends you a notification if it’s activated. This is the cheapest security solution of all the home alarms in 2024.

From £24.

SimpliSafe Indoor Camera

SimpliSafe Indoor Camera

The range of this home security system company is vast, and one of their most budget friendly products is their indoor camera. Recording in 1080p and featuring two-way audio, motion, heat detection and night vision, it offers a lot for its price.

From £70.

Hey! Smart Doorbell

Hey! Smart Doorbell

If you’re looking for a smart doorbell, Hey! has released a version compatible with Amazon Echo Show and Google Chromecast. It’s easy to install and records full HD that can also be accessed from your smartphone. The Hey! range is perfect for easy to install home alarms in 2024.

From £80.

Best Home Alarms in 2024 - For Features

If you’re a fan of customisation or handy features that you can add to, this section is for you. Take a look at the best features for home alarms in 2024 below.


The best array of features you’ll find in any company comes from Verisure. From their shock sensors that are designed to trigger if a window or door is broken, to photo detectors, which take photos if an intruder is detected and send them to their monitoring centre to be evaluated, Verisure has it all.

Verisure Range

Even their main hub combines a siren, voice communication and a keypad into one. It comes with customisable features as well, giving you complete control in how your system works.

From £300.

Netatmo Smart Alarm Pack

The complete package offered here comes with an indoor camera, window/door sensors and a siren. Featuring facial recognition that also works on pets, the camera prevents false alarms. The system also arms and disarms itself, taking out the hassle and worry of whether you set it before you left.

Netatmo Smart Alarm Pack

The best part is that you don’t need a subscription to access system storage. It can all be viewed on the app.

From £320.

Best Home Alarms in 2024 - For Ease of Use

Sometimes, it’s useful to have home alarm systems that don’t require much effort to install or to operate. Take a look at the easiest home alarms in 2024 in the section below.


A handy system that consists of temperature, motion, sound and humidity sensors that works in an area up to 25m². All of this comes from one small unit that easily secures to your ceiling and can be controlled via its own app.


From £120.

Somfy One+

Somfy One+

The Somfy One+ is an all encompassing system that features a full HD camera, siren, motion detector and a back-up battery. Initially designed to be the perfect home security system for apartments and small dwellings, it is easy to install and is fully operational from the app.

It is also compatible with smart speakers.

From £241.

Abode Smart Security Kit

Designed to be easy to install and simple to use, the Abode system is fully customisable. You can add anything from the system hub and alarm to motion sensors, mini window/door sensors and key fobs. The manufacturer boasts about being able to connect up to 160 different devices to the home alarm system, helping you keep already fitted gadgets.

Abode Set

From £250.

Best Home Alarms in 2024 - For Outside

You might only want to keep an eye on things outdoors, so you’ll need to look out for a weatherproof camera. This section contains the best outdoor home alarms in 2024.

Swann Floodlight

Swann Floodlight

Featuring two powerful lights alongside a camera, this home alarm system has a 125° viewing angle. It can record up to 10m in night vision or up to 30m with the floodlights on. The motion detection sends you notifications when triggered and the whole system works by connecting to the Wi-Fi. The deterrent comes in the form of a siren and the use of two-way audio.

From £100.

Arlo Ultra 2

Arlo Ultra 2 Set

This set of two cameras comes with 4K HDR video that you can zoom in on. Featuring spotlight cameras, enhanced colour night vision and noise-cancelling two-way audio, this weatherproof, wireless alarm gives you outdoor security you can rely on. The downside is that it’s the most expensive of our home alarms in 2024.

From £630.

Which System Is Right for Me?

New systems are being brought to the market, and home alarms in 2024 are no different. If you aren’t looking to spend much, the budget options are a great way of protecting your home. If you have a smaller property, an all-purpose system can serve your needs well. Sometimes, a decent external home security system could be all that you need, acting as both a visual and physical deterrent. It’s important to get value for money, whichever system you go for.

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