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Resin Driveway Colours That Impress

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 24, 2024
7 minutes read
  • Colours and shades available
  • Resin driveway colour charts
  • Choose the best resin bound colour for you

Walking past a resin drive without it grabbing your attention is almost impossible. The seamless finish draws the eye, but you can customise your design however you like. Resin driveway colours are extremely wide and varied, so you can select something that complements or offsets your home to appeal to neighbours far and wide. A well chosen coloured resin drive could make you the envy of the street. Even more so if you decide to get a professional in over doing it yourself.

This article looks at what resin driveway colours there are on the market and how this can enhance your drive. From darker shades of black to the more common golden tones, there really is something for everyone. You don’t even have to pick a single colour for your drive to be either; a border of an opposing or complementing tone can be just as effective. From driveways to patios and other surfaces, resin doesn’t have to be limited to one area of your garden or outside space.

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A white resin drive in front of large property

Colours in This Guide

There are hundreds of colours available for aggregate for your resin driveway, so we’ve handpicked a few for a select couple of shades. Each section features a little resin driveway colour chart to give you an idea of what it would look like. There are also some example drives towards the end, as the finished product always looks different to the samples.

The colours used are courtesy of Derbyshire Aggregates, but this is only the tip of the iceberg in what resin driveway colours are available on the market. Some of the most popular shades are shown below.

Bright Resin Driveway Colours

Golds and Yellows

You may have already seen bright resin driveway colours such as these. They instantly lighten up the place and offset darker objects, like cars, fences, walls and borders. Aggregate is rarely a single colour as the slight contrast of tones gives it a more natural colour. Flecks of darker and lighter stones affect the overall look, so you may opt for resin driveway colours you never considered in the first place.

Gold Aggregates
Yellow Aggregates

Whites and Light Greys

If you’ve ever gone to repaint something white, you’ll know that there’s so many different shades available for this one colour option. White resin driveway colours are no exception to this rule. Interspersed with darker shades or various lighter colours, there are plenty of options to suit any household.

It’s worth considering that while the resin protects the aggregate, dirt will show up more easily on lighter resin driveway colours, especially white. A white resin bound surface will require slightly more upkeep to keep it looking its best. If you’re thinking of resin patios, lighter colours tend to perform better.

White and Light Grey Aggregates

Dark Resin Driveway Colours


Pure black resin drives almost look like tarmac, especially resin bonded surfaces. More often than not, darker colours are used for edging or patterns, but you can always use it for your entire drive. Darker resin driveway colours can be supplemented with light shades, such as white or grey, to give it a more distinctive look.

Black Aggregates

Blues and Dark Greys

Neither electric nor sky blue are in mind here, as it’s more blue-grey and muted tones than in-your-face colours. These are more of a happy medium between white and black if you don’t want to take out all of the light in your drive. Resin driveway colours have the power to accentuate your property by offsetting your garage and front doors.

These tones are usually silver or cool grey, which combines with darker borders to create patterns that work well. Usually featuring aggregates of dark, light and white shades, these resin driveway colours create an array of finishes for your drive.

Blue and Dark Grey Aggregates

Other Resin Driveway Colours


There are no hot pinks here – more like a watered down red. Without having the harsher red tones coming through, pink shades come with browns and whites to offer resin driveway colours that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. The subtle tones offer an effect that is hard to beat.

Pink Aggregates

Burgundies and Red

Red complements other colours well. Used with black and cream aggregates, it contrasts with darker and lighter colours to give a traditional feel. Red resin driveway colours can be bordered with darker ones to really offset and accentuate your property.

Burgundy and Red Aggregates

Which Colours Should I Choose?

A resin driveway colour chart can give you an idea of the sorts of shades you can expect to see in your new drive. Looking at resin bound gravel makes it difficult to imagine what the whole property will look like though, especially if you’re thinking of bordering it with a certain colour. You should also take note that it will look different in various weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow. The best way to truly get an idea of how it will look is to look at resin driveway colours in finished properties.

Think About the Brickwork

The external walls will often give you an indication of what resin driveway colours will work well with them. Red aggregate can complement red brickwork, or you could choose a golden tone as a contrast. If you’re thinking of a bold design, red enhances black and makes it look darker. With dark roof tiles and white windows, this could be a winning combination.

White Resin Driveway

Houses with a rendered finish, like chalk white, might benefit from lighter resin driveway colours, like whites and lighter greys. Larger properties with big drives can look cleaner and more imposing with brighter drives. Darker roof tiles can completely offset this too.

Yellow or sandy coloured brickwork might work best with a golden coloured drive. It offers a contemporary feel that makes your drive look sophisticated without standing out. The uniform finish of the golden or yellow resin driveway colours will still make passersby stare and enhance the look of your property at the same time.

Patterns and Contrasts

Red Resin Drive

All resin bound driveway colours can be completely customised to suit any pattern and style. Businesses can have their logos worked into the smooth surface and homes can make use of different patterns or designs they like the look of. The house number or name can even be written into your drive for a touch of elegance.

The point is, there are so many options when it comes to picking both resin driveways and colours to go for. With a fully customisable and unique feel, it makes you wonder why you didn’t opt for this surface in the first place.


Plenty of people who have resin driveways installed also put edging in at the same time. This is frequently coloured brick, but can also include aluminium trims, paving slabs or existing walls. Resin driveways cost more than the average drive surface to have installed, so you may as well think about personalising it or making it your own.

Light Grey Resin Drive

Think about what you have already and how it could look with different resin edging options. The job of a resin drive is to complement and accentuate your property, so think about what colours would go well with what you already have. If your house is going to be painted or have a render applied, use that to help pick which resin driveway colours would work for you.

What kind of space do you have? Is it irregular, large or rectangular? Would resin bound paving slabs look better around the edge or a seamless aluminium line leading to the pavement? Light paving can border all colours and help separate different surfaces. Darker edging can enhance lighter colours and make them stand out even more. Think about the driveway and the path next to it. Would a partition of stone enhance the appeal?

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